Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes, cards, and gifts! You are such a fantastic group of families to work with! I consider myself very blessed to consider this my second home. Thank you all so very much!
Over the past few days, our class has been studying surveys and graphing. We have been talking about how we can use this information to create a graph to represent the student population in our classroom. They did such a fantastic job that I wanted to share them with you! Keep in mind that everything the students did was on an independent level (with guidance from me when needed). The decision of the creation of the graph (as to how it would look) was up to them and their creativity. I am so proud of the end result, as I know you will be!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Curriculum Night 2010

Thank you so much for an incredibly successful and informative curriculum night! I feel like we all had some fantastic conversation, and learned a great deal from each other! I thought I would include our Powerpoint, as well as answer a few of the questions that came back from the group as a whole.

Snack: Yes, we do have snack time every day at 10:15. My only request is that it is a healthy one. (-:

Reading logs: I have decided to not do a home reading record this year, but I will continue to encourage reading at home from my students and families. We will also continue the book check-out program that will be explained to the students in September.

Have a great evening!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Math: A Time of Choices AND Learning

Today I introduced our Math Choice time and all that is incorporated with that. The students had such a great time!! They really enjoyed playing some of the activities that we have available. I spent a lot of time over the summer researching some new and fun things that the kids can do to not only have fun, but also incorporate some of those basic math practices that we are working on during this early part of the year. They really seem to love the GeoBoards, Wrap-Ups, and Make 7 games that were just added, along with some old staples such as our Addition and Subtraction Bingo, calculators, and Geoblocks. I really loved hearing some of the conversations that occured today! What wonderful thinkers we have!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Graphing Adventure!

We are talking about surveys, graphs, and probability as our first math unit in second grade. What fun!! We started by playing a graphing game all about animals (how much fun it is to start with a game!). The students really seemed to identify with having a hands-on activity to bring this concept to life. I am looking forward to a great unit!
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Let's Do Something!

We started off our year thinking about what we wanted to do with our year. What were our goals? Where did we want this adventure to take us? To get this thought process started, we read the book Let's Do Nothing! by Tony Fucile. It is a wonderful story, and the class really loved it! These two boys are trying so hard to do nothing, and then they realize that it's impossible. So, they decide to do something. That is our motto for this year: we are going to get up and do something. We will make the best of every day, and greet every challenge with a positive attitude!
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What A Start!

We have had a fantastic start to the year! I am so excited to share all of this adventure with sucn an amazing group of students! I know that there were some of you who did not get a chance to come to the walkthrough, so I just wanted to give you a quick "snapshot" as to what the room looked like on the first day!

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