Friday, December 17, 2010

Our New Math Explorations!

We have new math games! Yay! First of all, a GREAT big thanks to Mrs. Mathy and Mrs. Szymusiak for getting the games for us! We received a total of 6 new games, and I introduced 3 of them today.

The first picture is one called Shapes and Shapes and is used to recreate pictures using puzzle pieces.

Our second game is called Pete's Pike , and is a strategy game where you are trying to get the mountain climber to the top of the mountain by knocking off the goats.

The last game I introduced today was called Hoppers, and it is a strategy game where you have the frogs "hop" over each other to knock them out (like in checkers). The goal of the game is to have the red frog be the last one on the board.

We will introduce the other new games next week, and I know the kids are thrilled because I am! There is nothing like new games in our room!!
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