Monday, May 2, 2011

Wants and Needs

Today, we talked about the differences between wants versus needs. I introduced this topic through a song called "The Wanting Song" that is sung to the tune of "London Bridge".

Here are the lyrics:
Wants are things we'd like to have,
Like to have,
Like to have.
Wants are things we'd like to have
_________ wants a _________.

Here's the wonderful list of wants the class came up with:
Andrew: pool
Panya: rollercoaster
Samhi: tiger
Sydney: a key to the bank
Benjamin: to be president
Jake: a flat screen tv
Ezra: a new bayblade
Jenna: box of money
Gunnar: jet pack
Jessica: puppy
Sarah J: i-Pod touch
Aneesh: mansion
Ryan: something you step on and it lights up and flies
Vishi: trampoline
Jonathan: dsi
Joshua: 9 trillion dollars
Joel: a robot that would do everything for me
Makena: palace
Meredith: a cruise ship
Zachary: pool
Victoria: 2 horses

How creative we are!

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