Friday, January 28, 2011

Have I Ever Told You?

Today, we read the book Of Thee I Sing by President Barack Obama. I have had this on my shelf for a while, and the kids have been begging to read this! Here were some of our favorite parts:

-Have I told you lately how wonderful you are?
-Have I told you that you are smart?
-Have I told you that you are brave?
-Have I told you how important it is to honor other's sacrifices?
-Have I told you that you are inspiring?
-Have I told you to be proud to be an American?

What an interesting, inspirational text. I have never truly seen the kids more entranced than when we read this book. We are going to do some extension activities with this, and this is also the kickoff to our famous person project (more information to follow).

Loren Long, the illustrator of this story among many others, will be our visiting author this year. So, if you have books at home, or are interested in buying some from the bookstore, you will be able to send them in to be signed on his visiting day. How exciting!

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