Friday, February 4, 2011

Famous Person Projects

At the start of next week, we are going to begin our famous person project. The children will be researching the life and accomplishments of someone who has contributed to American (or world) history in some way. They will demonstrate their knowledge through a series of self-selected projects at the completion of the research, and will share this knowledge with the class and all of you! We are so excited! There will be a list of possibilities posted here on the blog, so please discuss some of these options with your child. There will be only one kiddo researching each famous person, so be sure to discuss a few. Be sure to have your top 3 possibilities, and send it back in to school by Monday (you can have your child write it down, email it to me, comment on this post, or just have them tell me). Let the learning begin!
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  1. Mrs. Price. This is Joel Suppogu. Can I do the project on Neil Armstrong.

  2. Hi Mrs. Price. This is Jake. I would like to do a project on:

    1. Albert Einstein
    2. JFK
    3. Barrack Obama

    I hope thats ok?

  3. Hi Mrs. Price, Jonathan Shetler would like to request the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, or Charles Lindbergh...

    Jonathan is actually very distantly related to Thomas Edison!!!

  4. Mrs. Price, this is Jenna. I am so excited for this project. My mom and I spent all night doing research on the internet to pick my favorites. It is hard. I would like to research either Jack Hanna, Betsy Ross, or George Washington.

  5. Mrs. Price, This is Aneesh. I would like to do the research on one of these famous people:

    Mahatma Gandhi
    Thomas Edison
    Albert Einstein