Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Famous People!

Andrew- Thomas Jefferson
Panya- Mother Teresa
Samhi- Ruby Bridges
Sydney- Jane Goodall
Benjamin- Benjamin Franklin
Jake- Albert Einstein
Ezra- John Hancock
Jenna- Betsy Ross
Gunnar- Barack Obama
Jessica- Amelia Earhart
Sarah J.- Betsy Ross
Aneesh- Mahatma Ghandhi
Ryan- Ronald Reagan
Vishi- George Washington
Sarah R.- Abraham Lincoln
Jonathan- Thomas Edison
Joshua- The Wright Brothers
Joel- Neil Armstrong
Makena- Elizabeth Blackwell
Meredith- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Zachary- Buzz Aldrin
Victoria- Pocahontas

**Please feel free to go to the Dublin branch of the library and check out additional books to send in. We will keep them in our book bins until the research is complete. Thanks for all of your help!

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